What To Do When You Have A Clogged Or Blocked Drain

What To Do When You Have A Clogged Or Blocked Drain

Clogged or Blocked Drain

Clogged Drain in Vaughan, Toronto & The GTA

A clogged or blocked drain is a typical problem many home owners will encounter while living in their residential property. Debris or particles such as dirt, food, grease, oil and hair can get stuck in your pipes resulting in blockage of water or waste from draining. You might be able to resolve simple or uncomplicated drain clogs on your own however for major drain problems, it is best to call one of our experienced licensed professionals at Bradford Plumbing.

In the event your water is overflowing or not draining, it is likely that your drain is clogged. You might have hair in the shower, waste or toilet paper clogging your toilets or oil and food stuck in your kitchen sink. It is important to deal with a clog immediately as delaying a blocked drain problem can result in an expensive situation. You might want to try a do it yourself fix to unclog your drains however in complicated or serious plumbing situations, it is advised to contact a licensed plumber to help remedy the problem quickly and effectively.

Bradford Plumbing are professional plumbers in Toronto, Vaughan and the GTA that are equipped with the most modern and advanced tools and equipment to quickly and efficiently repair your blocked or clogged drain problem.  For some of the simple plumbing problems, a drain auger, also known as a drain snake may be used to help unclog your drains. A drain auger is a flexible cable that is used to remove clogs when it is placed into your pipes. For tougher situations, our professional plumbers will use high pressure cleaning tools also known as a hydro jet. A hydro jet is a very powerful tool that blasts through and removes all clogs and blockages within your pipes. It can clear years of debris, gunk and particles that might be stuck in your pipes.

If you find yourself in a situation where your drains are clogged or blocked, don’t delay and correct the problem immediately. A small clog can quickly become a larger problem when left ignored. Leave it to our plumbing technicians in Vaughan, Toronto & The GTA to provide you with the best solution to successfully clear your main drain, floor drain, outdoor drain, kitchen sink clog, laundry sink, washroom sink, bathtub and shower drain or clogged toilet.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.


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