Sewage Problems – Sewage Coming Up From The Bath Tub And How To Unclog A Sewage Line

Sewage Problems – Sewage Coming Up From The Bath Tub And How To Unclog A Sewage Line

How To Unclog A Sewage Line

Raw sewage can carry dangerous bacteria which cause severe illness to a family. The bacteria from sewage can give you bowel problems and other diseases such as Hepatitis, Cholera, Salmonella, just to name a few.

A raw sewage backup can occur when the waste water back flows into your washroom, bath tub, sink and living environment rather then down your pipes to the treatment plant.

There might be several reasons why sewage can backup into your home. Occasionally the reason for a sewage problem might be due to a broken pipeline, It can also be due to issues with the piping structure.  Households with curious children who might have flushed a large toy down the toilet may have caused the pipeline to be blocked.

Sewage backup problems can get worse over time without the property owner even knowing it. Apart from the bad smell, the fumes can actually cause irritation to your lungs. You also put your family at risk to other serious health issues such as being exposed to E coli. Health problems due to a sewage backup can create be serious and for that reason it is important to properly fix the sewage leak or backflow immediately.

You should contact the professionals at Bradford Plumbing to repair the problem and provide expert advice on how to prevent a sewage backup from occurring again in the future.

You can avoid the experience of a clogged drain line simply by limiting the amount of waste that you place in sinks, showers and toilets. For example, you should not flush diapers, wipes or paper towels down the toilet. Avoid dumping grease into your sink as overtime, grease will harden into a large object and may block your pipes.   

Leave it to our plumbing technicians in Vaughan, Toronto & The GTA to provide you with the best solution to successfully clear your main drain, floor drain, outdoor drain, kitchen sink clog, laundry sink, washroom sink, bathtub and shower drain or clogged toilet.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.


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