Plumbing Procedures To Take To Have Your Home Winter Ready

Plumbing Procedures To Take To Have Your Home Winter Ready


Winter preparation may not seem necessary during the warmer days however getting started early can help ensure your home is ready for fall and winter. If you are located in an area that has hard winters, make a plan now to prepare your home and property so you can relax when the first unexpected freeze occurs.

Following are some of the strategies that you can follow to have your home winter-ready. 

  1. Exposed pipe that extends across a wall or is in an unheated location can be problematic. When temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celsius, the water inside the pipe can freeze and rupture. Pipe insulation is a simple way to keep them safe. Use of insulating material from your local hardware store will do the trick. Cut it to fit the pipe’s length, wrap it around the pipe completely, and fasten it with duct tape if necessary.
  2. Ensure that your heating system is in good working order. Consult a professional technician for professional inspection and maintenance. 
  3. Examine your drainage system. Check to see if the dirt surrounding your foundation has settled, creating spots where water can collect. If you come upon a low location, just fill it in with soil. After that, inspect your rain gutter drains. Ascertain that water is being transported away from the house. If necessary, add drain extenders. As the soil around the foundation freezes and thaws throughout the winter, it can cause serious problems.
  4. Examine and seal any leaks. Install storm windows and doors. Seal any gaps and replace or repair damaged weather stripping around doors and windows. If the doorstops are damaged, they should be replaced. Sealant and weather-stripping should be used around all access points if pipes or ducts pass through an outside wall. Any potential access points for cold air will be blocked by these steps. 
  5. Do not forget the gutters. Gutters must be cleaned. It is time to clean the gutters once the leaves have mostly fallen from the trees. When your gutters become clogged, they overflow, and the water pours down the side of your house, hastening the degradation of your façade. It can also cause foundation degradation, basement water intrusion, and sinking under concrete porches and walks, all of which can cause a slew of issues.

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