Household items that can cause plumbing problems which you should never flush down the toilet of your Brampton home

Household items that can cause plumbing problems which you should never flush down the toilet of your Brampton home


Most of us don’t pay much attention to what we do while having some “me” time in the toilet in your Brampton home, especially when we press flush. Involuntarily we end up throwing one thing or the other in the hopes that it will go down the drains smoothly. However, care must be taken when using the toilets as they are not meant to flush down anything other than your “me-business.”

There are a few things that most of us end up flushing down the drain causing severe damage to the entire drainage system and resulting in a clogged toilet in Brampton.


Whenever we use wipes either to clean our hands or while changing a baby’s diaper, we throw the used wipe into the toilet and press flush. However, that is one big mistake; most wipes are thick and super absorbent, which means they aren’t disposable. Too many dumped wipes into the toilet in Brampton will eventually lead to clogged drainage and cause an overflow.


Even though cotton can dissolve easily, it takes a while. Too many cotton balls or cotton wipes can easily choke the drain leading to massively damaged pipes; ensure that you throw your cotton into a dustbin instead of the toilet.

Cigarette filters

Cigarettes are the worst thing to dump into your Brampton toilet. This is because they are full of chemicals that can make the entire water system toxic for everyone. Cigarette filters also choke your drains as they end up getting stuck in the pipes. This can result in flooding or breakage that can lead to an expensive emergency plumbing repair.


Some medicines end up killing the good bacteria inside your drainage that are responsible for breaking down waste in the septic tank; this can reduce your plumbing’s efficiency and cause an overflow. Hence, never throwing medicines away in a toilet; they can also damage plant life and hurt human and animal health.


Bandages are the big culprit inside clogged drainage, as they are made of plastic. Plastic is not biodegradable; hence it doesn’t dissolve into water, which will eventually choke your drains and cause an overflow.


Diapers tend to expand when they contact liquid; they are not meant to be flushed. They will end up causing severe blockages inside the drains, resulting in a backlog and clogged pipes.

Dental floss

Floss may seem harmless, and most of us have thrown a few into the toilet; however, they are not biodegradable, and they end up getting tied inside the pipes.


Just like your hair can get tangled on your head, it can get tangled inside your drainage. Always ensure you don’t throw hair inside the toilet. This can lead to a serious blockage that will need professional plumbing intervention.

We at Bradford Plumbing can fix your plumbing problems or plumbing emergency in Brampton quickly and effectively. In order to avoid plumbing problem and ensure your plumbing system performs well, it is best not to treat your Brampton toilet like a trash can; you can avoid expensive plumbing repairs if you follow basic guidelines. Always seek professional help If you feel like your drains are not working properly, and never delay your regular maintenance to ensure your drainage systems run smoothly.

It is important to inspect your pipes, toilets and other plumbing equipment to avoid expensive problems. However, it is not recommend to fix them yourself as you can make the problem worse. Call our team of experienced, professional plumbers at Bradford Plumbing to ensure the job is done right the first time. Call us right away, and our professionals will come and take your worries away.

The information provided is for general information purposes only and not intended to replace professional service. Please consult a licensed plumber for advice and diagnosis so you can receive the correct service for your specific situation.


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